Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if infertility is covered by my insurance?

You need to call your insurance company and verify the benefits being covered under your plan.

What are the questions I have to ask when calling my insurance company?

1. Do I have coverage for infertility diagnostic testing and treatment?
2. Do I need a referral or authorization?
3. Do I have a co-pay?
4. Do I need to register for infertility coverage?
5. Is there a pre-existing condition or a waiting period for infertility in my policy?
6. At what percent is my coverage?
7. Do I have a maximum amount on my infertility coverage?

Do I have a co-pay with each visit?

If there is a co-pay with your insurance most likely there is a co-pay with each visit. Co-pays are due at time of service. The front of most insurance cards indicates if co-pays are required for specialist visits.

Is there financing available?

We accept Visa and Master Card. In addition, you can get financing for treatment and medications as well as other IVF packages through Advanced Reproductive Care, Inc. (ARC), the largest network for fertility financing.

What benefits do JHH and JHU employees have with FCM?

Johns Hopkins Hospital employees must have services performed at JHH. Johns Hopkins University employees may have services performed at FCM. Benefits depend on your insurance contract.

Does insurance cover same-sex partners or single women?

There are plans that will cover your treatment needs. Call your insurance company to check. We have found that more insurance companies are implementing contracts to include infertility services for same sex partners and single women. However, we suggest you contact your insurance carrier to verify coverage for those services.

What is the "Global Package Fee" for IVF and what does it include?

It is a discounted fee for patients without insurance coverage for IVF. It includes visits, ultrasound monitoring, blood hormone levels performed at our center, egg retrieval and assisted hatching. The global fee covers treatment from the beginning of the ovarian stimulation until embryo transfer. It also includes embryo freezing and storage for one year. It excludes ICSI, medications, screening tests, anesthesia and outside laboratory services.

How does your Global Package compare with other centers?

Our prices are competitive. Keep in mind that this is a high tech treatment with numerous visits and that increases the costs. We encourage patients to call and compare cost and success rates with other centers. In addition, be sure to ask for the pregnancy rates for your age group and diagnosis. It is really important to understand the success rates when comparing costs. Always look at an IVF cycle in conjunction with a thaw cycle when looking at success rates. Certainly, for more information about our center, we would love for you to schedule an appointment or come to one of our seminars and take advantage of the free consultation for attending the seminar.

Can I receive financial information from the Fertility Center of Maryland without being a current patient?

Absolutely! Our passion and goal is “helping childless couples become parents.” We understand the emotional impact of struggling with infertility, especially as it relates to financial concerns. As much as we would like you to be a patient with us, we understand that is not always possible. If providing you financial information helps you have a child, even without our direct help, we have done our job!