Patient Refund Program

Many couples pursuing IVF do not have adequate insurance coverage. Our IVF Patient Refund Program offers couples with no insurance coverage up to six fresh attempts to have a baby through in vitro fertilization without the worry of exhausting their financial resources. If you do not have a livebirth during this time, you will receive a 100% refund which you can use to pursue other family building options. We offer this program as an alternative financial option on a strictly voluntary basis.The concept of a Patient Refund Program for IVF was carefully reviewed by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)**. They found that with the appropriate informed consent this type of program is ethical and provides great benefit to patients without health insurance coverage for IVF.** The Ethics Committee of the ASRM. Shared-risk or refund programs in assisted reproduction. Fertility and Sterility 2004; 82, S249-S250.

How does this program work?
If you decide to participate with the program, you may do up to six complete IVF cycles (in addition to cryopreservation and later transfer of the embryos from those six cycles) for a fee of $20,000. If you need ICSI, the fee for the program is $22,000. When you have a livebirth, our Center has earned the fee. If after all of these attempts you have not had a livebirth, 100% of the $20,000 or $22,000 is returned to you.

The program works because if you do not have a livebirth, we assume the cost and refund the money. In contrast, couples achieving a pregnancy on the first attempt will pay more with this program than other traditional payment methods.

Which patients are eligible for this program?
Couples who undergo full medical screening and are determined to be good candidates for IVF/ICSI by our medical staff. The female partner must be less than 39 years old upon completion of all the IVF cycles. We estimate that it will take 18 months to complete six IVF cycles and related embryo thawing cycles. Therefore, the female partner will need to be 37½ years old or younger at the beginning of the program. Medical screening must be normal including: cycle day 3 FSH and estradiol levels, normal endometrial cavity and endometrial biopsy. Previous records, including prior IVF cycles are also considered.

What is included in the fee?

All medical and laboratory services at the Fertility Center of Maryland up to six complete IVF cycles from the beginning of the medications that stimulate egg production through the initial blood pregnancy test.
The cost of a “mock embryo transfer” done before the stimulation starts.
The cost of cryopreservation (freezing) of viable embryos not transferred during the fresh cycle.
The cost of embryo transfer cycles using those cryopreserved embryos until you have a baby or you choose to withdraw from the program.
A complete IVF cycle is considered one in which an embryo(s) developed and is (are) transferred or frozen. If the cycle is canceled by the physician, if no eggs are retrieved or no embryos develop, it does not count as one of the six cycles. If there was no transfer and the embryos are frozen, it will count as one completed cycle. If you become pregnant but have a miscarriage, a stillborn or an ectopic pregnancy it is considered as one of the six cycles.

Are Medications Included?
For an additional fee of $6500, the cost not covered by your insurance of medications used for ovarian stimulation and for development of the uterine lining for up to six IVF, ICSI or donor egg cycles and frozen embryo cycles in order to achieve on live birth will be covered. You also need to qualify for the program based on medical screening criteria.

What is excluded?
IVF screening tests prior to the initiation of medications for you and your partner, such as hysterosalpingogram, endometrial biopsy, semen analysis and cultures.
All medications.
Laboratory tests sent to outside laboratories.
Anesthesia fee.
Costs associated with complications, hospitalizations or non-IVF surgery, like D&C for miscarriage or laparoscopy for tubal pregnancy.
Urologist fees which may be necessary for procedures, like testicular biopsy.
Donor sperm fees.
Frozen embryo or sperm storage fees for embryos or sperm remaining after completion or withdrawal from our program.
Blood work and ultrasound(s) done for early pregnancy monitoring after your initial pregnancy test.
Donor egg and gestational carrier cycles.

Can we withdraw before the six cycles?
You have the right to withdraw from the program at any time. If you withdraw or the female partner turns 39 prior to the sixth stimulation cycle, we will charge you $3,000 for every completed IVF cycle, $3,500 for every completed ICSI cycle, $1000 for embryo freezing if you have embryos in storage and $750 for every embryo thawing cycle done prior to your withdrawal. The remaining balance will be refunded to you. If you withdraw from the Medication Program, $1,800 will be deducted for the medication used for each IVF, ICSI or egg donation cycle.

Can I become ineligible for the Program after I start?
We reserve the right to withdraw you from the Patient Refund and/or the Medication Program if very rare events occur. These may include, but are not limited to, an unexpectedly poor ovarian response to stimulation, failure to fertilize normally, even with ICSI, or failure to develop embryos. In this rare event, you will get 100% of the refund from one or both programs back regardless of how many cycles you have already completed.