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The participants in the Egg Donor Program consist of the egg donor and the recipient couple. Eggs may be fresh or frozen. Egg donors may be known (friend or family) or anonymous. Indications for donor egg therapy include absent or non-functioning ovaries, poor egg quality, the presence of a maternal genetic disease which may present grave consequences to the biological offspring or repeated unsuccessful IVF procedures. Our anonymous donor egg program has had consistently good success rates over the last several years.

Egg donors are typically between the age of 20 and 33. The egg donor will undergo a physical examination, screening for infectious disease, psychological testing, evaluation and counseling. For fresh egg donation cycles, we do not recruit our donors directly, but refer all interested donors to the Family Building Center for further information.

Donor egg recipients must be under the age of 52 at the time of the initial consultation at the Fertility Center of Maryland. The recipient must be in good health and may be required to have a comprehensive medical examination by her primary care physician to determine if she is healthy enough to carry a pregnancy.

If the recipient couple is interested in using fresh donor eggs they will be referred to the Family Building Center to select an egg donor. Once a donor is selected, an appointment will be made for the donor to meet with one of the Fertility Center’s physicians for the necessary medical screening.

The recipient couple will be responsible for charges and expenses incurred by the egg donor during the egg donation process. The expenses include, but are not limited to, the medications, professional fees, laboratory charges, psychologist or social worker fees, anesthesia services and hospital charges, if necessary. We offer a discounted package to our recipient couples. For more information you may call our billing department at (410)296-6132.

In addition, FCM is proud to announce an alliance with Genetics & IVF Institute (GIVF) that will allow our patients the option of using frozen donor eggs. Located in Fairfax, Virginia, GIVF offers an extensive pool of egg donors to choose from via their own egg bank, the Fairfax EggBank. FCM patients who choose a donor from Fairfax EggBank continue their treatment and monitoring at FCM. Egg warming, fertilization and embryo transfer all take place at GIVF.

Fresh or Frozen Eggs?

Advantages to using fresh eggs:

All eggs from donor’s IVF cycle belong to one recipient, so may have higher egg numbers
Higher egg numbers can lead to increased number of cryopreserved embryos, allowing for multiple attempts and potentially multiple children from one donor egg cycle. This makes the cost comparable to using frozen eggs if more than one embryo transfer is needed
No need to purchase second cohort of eggs if frozen embryos exist – can move directly into a cycle using frozen embryos
No need for ICSI (unless indicated by male partner’s semen parameters) for fertilization of fresh eggs. ICSI may be associated with increased risk of birth/genetic defects so use of fresh eggs eliminates this additional risk

Advantages to using frozen eggs:

Begin treatment right away, no waiting lists
Convenience of planning treatment on your own timeline, no need to synchronize cycles with a donor
Lower cost for the initial treatment makes frozen eggs more affordable. If more than one embryo transfer is needed the cost is comparable to using fresh eggs
Large selection and variety of highly-screened, college-educated donors
Extensive information available on all donors, including current photos
Less uncertainty. Because the eggs have already been retrieved there is no chance of the cycle getting canceled due to donor’s poor response or an unexpected life event that precludes her from continuing treatment
Success rates are comparable to that of a fresh cycle

Throughout the donor egg treatment, our IVF team of physicians, nurses and embryologists will work together to hopefully fulfill your dreams of a viable pregnancy. In addition, excess frozen embryos from your donor egg cycle may be available to attempt a pregnancy at a later time.

For more information about our donor egg program you can call our office at (410)296-6400 or our billing department at (410)296-6132. For more information on the Genetics & IVF Institute, please click here. (Link to To access the list of immediately available frozen donor eggs at Fairfax EggBank please click here. (Link to