Why choose Fertility Center of Maryland?

  • Extensive experience. Since 1992, more than 10,000 babies have been born from our treatments.
  • Our physicians have a combined experience of over 60 years caring for patients affected by infertility.
  • More than 200 physicians refer patients to our Center.
  • We have had excellent success rates since the opening of our Center in 1992.
  • We offer free, no-obligation financial consultations to individuals researching clinics and treatment options.
  • All of our facilities are on the same floor which allows excellent communication between the medical, nursing and laboratory staff.
  • Our nursing and medical staff participates in all aspects of the treatment cycle. This way the patient receives continuity of care during ultrasound examinations, office visits, ovulation induction, inseminations, egg retrievals, and embryo transfers.
  • We offer informational seminars at our clinic to provide couples with a preview of our facility.
  • We offer a free new patient consultation to couples who attend our seminars.
  • Our Center welcomes patients from several other states and countries.
  • Easy access to and free parking at our facility.
  • We provide very individualized and personal care to our patients.
  • Our laboratory and surgery facilities are fully accredited.
We offer, large clinic services in a small, family-like atmosphere.
A Baby…The ultimate expression of love that only the two of you can give to each other.

You’ve tried — maybe you have even sought the help of a physician or gynecologist — but now the time has come to seek the services of fertility specialists. The Fertility Center of Maryland provides these services. Our highly trained and compassionate staff of doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, ultrasonographers, and counselors are dedicated to help you achieve your dream.